The database is a collection of meta data of the four organisms in this project. It will include information on their location, genetic traits, and pathogenicity provided by the various organizations and collaborators. The information will be fed into an algorithm, so that when a user queries a type of information, a more detailed and specific output is given as opposed to a running list.

The data will also be linked to the Decision Support System to show the risk assessment, economic consequences and mitigation strategies for a queried sample.


  • Password protected site.
  • Query function for optimal data search.
  • Currently private for team members and collaborators with invited password. It will only be released to the public once the data has been assessed, finalized and published.

BioSAFE Information Flow Diagram

BioSAFE database server

The BioSAFE database server contains genetics data on Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB), Dutch Elm disease (DED; Ophiostoma), and Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) along with their related genera. This data fuels our Mycorrhiza population assignment predictor, which can be used to assign new samples to their most likely population of origin based on their genotype. Our group also took an exploratory approach to collect and build on existing data by collecting and curating fungi trophic level information and from the literature, coupled with associated genomic information MycoCosm to develop a fungal lifestyle database. 

The server will be available for public use in the future but for now, it will be password protected and available only to collaborators. Keep an eye out on the site’s “What’s New” tab for when the server will be released for public use and please contact us if you require additional information.


Access the database

Access the database

Access the database

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